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Thread: Fall in Love With a Rune Factory 4 Trailer

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    Fall in Love With a Rune Factory 4 Trailer

    Rune Factory 4 wants you to meet its large cast of beautiful girls and pretty boys. Well, there is a dragon or something like that too, but who cares about that sort of stuff?


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    Maybe I'm slow, but has Rune Factory now completely disconnected itself from the Harvest Moon name? That's a smart move. I uncontrollably throw up in my mouth when I see "Harvest Moon" in a title, but Rune Factory 3 was fun. I need to reprogram my brain to start thinking of it as an unrelated series.
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    Yes, Rune Factory has been completely separate from Harvest Moon since like the second RF game.

    This one has the option to play as a girl AND dragons. I must have it.

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