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Thread: Even More Risen 2 Community Q&A Questions Wanted

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    Even More Risen 2 Community Q&A Questions Wanted

    RPGamer is once again teaming up with Deep Silver and Piranha Bytes for our third community-focused Q&A session for Risen 2. Send us any questions you have about this open world, pirate-themed RPG
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    I'd love to see a Borderlands 2 Q&A. I'm out of questions for Risen 2.

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    Would love to do one, but too soon for them right least for us it seems. Risen 2 devs are more than willing to chat, though.
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    If some of these have been asked before, I apologize.

    1. If someone wants to jump straight into Risen 2 without playing Risen, what would they be missing? What does the game do to cater to these players?

    2. Where does "Dark Waters" come from?

    3. Will Patty become a romanic interest to any of the current cast of characters?

    4. How does the addition of guns change the flow of gameplay?

    5. How many islands total will be in the game? What's the expected length for main story only / 100% completion?

    6. How has your relationship with Wizarbox evolved over the last 3 years?

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    I think the ideas of the Western RPG have some true artistic value. I do like how games like Risen 2 and Skyrim are trying to address the interactive element of the RPG. Risen 2 seems to continue this mold with a broad range of skills which are determined by choices in the game. Do you, the developers, think that this story driven combat approach will cause a clash of systems? What I mean is that the RPG is a system based on strict rules and statistics (a person must pick X stats, and X skill is only usable in these situations). Will their be some sacrifice to the beloved number crunching combat for story?

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    These guys sure do want to promote this game here. Hope it isn't wasted.

    1. What was the story behind the original Risen being refused classification in Australia? What changed in Risen 2 that allowed it to pass with an M rating?

    2. Your website mentions that Piranha Bytes consists of about 21 persons who actively work on the game. Can you tell us a bit about how this breaks down in terms of the number of artists, programmers etc? Do you outsource any of your content?

    3. Giving people who bought the collector's edition of Risen 1 a chance to play around with a fairly lengthy preview build of Risen 2 was an interesting decision. What do you think of the feedback you've received so far?

    4. One issue I had with the original Risen was that, regardless of how I had decided to build my character, in the end I was forced to fight the final boss with a particular skill-set and equipment. If I choose to focus on Voodoo or ranged combat in Risen 2, will I be able to play through the whole game that way?

    5. Does Risen 2 have multiple endings?

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    OK. I just thought of a TOTALLY important question.

    What's the camera like? Is it mostly player controlled or does it have set angles?
    If it is player controlled, how far away can we zoom back?
    Can we lock it or is it always going to move when we move the character?

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    I still think it's important to know if the PC version will have 360 pad support, and if not, then why not.

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