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Thread: Nintendo of Europe Serves Up A New Pandora's Tower Trailer

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    Nintendo of Europe Serves Up A New Pandora's Tower Trailer

    Nintendo of Europe has provided an appetising peek at Pandora's Tower ahead of its release next month. Watch the trailer and get an idea of what may happen if Aeron doesn't find Elena enough mouthwatering monster meat.

    [ Trailer ]
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    The more I see, the more I hope NOA will at least consider this for the Wii U if not the Wii. I'd REALLY like to try this. It reminds me a LOT of Nier. At least it feels like Nier because of it's dark nature to it. Let's just hope it does well. The graphics don't look as polished as Xenoblade but if it plays as well, then I won't complain. This might actually be the first one I might have to import if it doesn't come here.
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    This interests me...but the 'before time runs out' makes me nervous, because I don't want there to be a time limit on each 'stage' of the game. Hopefully it's not true, because it looks very good.
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    Well the previews I read were saying you can return with hearts of lesser monsters to give you more time.

    So it's probably more of a reason to make you return and make upgrades, etc more often. Rather than forcing you to replay a stage until you perfect your speed.

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    Watching that trailer and the way things are worded makes me think that we may have another one of those "twist" endings where you've been helping the bad guy all along. Game is definitely visually cool that's for sure.
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    cant wait for this

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