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Thread: Kenchiku - Japandemonium for April 27th, 2012

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    Kenchiku - Japandemonium for April 27th, 2012

    We built this column on rock and roll!

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    So hyped for more Neptune Hope we get it. Also really want that Cross whatever thngie.
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    Frank West and Hsien-Ko are a team? That... actually makes more sense than Dante and Dmitri, I suppose. Also, hurrah for Resonance of Fate and Gods Eater characters. Of course, now that they have characters from a game clearly inspired by Monster Hunter, they really need to bring in some actual Monster Hunter characters to bring this full circle.

    I'm surprised that they are already showing a new Neptunia game, though... The time era is certainly interesting, though. I mean, the Nintendo mascot girl is referencing Hanafuda cards. That game is going to be quirky.

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    Remember how back int eh 80s everyone was getting pulled into their TV and going to video game land? (It didn't jsut happen to Captain N.)

    I think that's the joke here. Neptune, who already lives in video game land... gets pulled into 80s video game land.
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    1980's? Heres to hoping they stretch things a little bit so the Neo-Geo can squeeze in.

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