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Thread: RPGCast Episode 223: "Men Are from Tristram, Women Are from Torchlight"

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    RPGCast Episode 223: "Men Are from Tristram, Women Are from Torchlight"

    Chris bemoans the lack of obscure Final Fantasy social games. Diablo 3 has a launch issue or two. And Bioware perhaps takes an RPGamer April Fool's suggestion a little too seriously.
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    I haven't had the chance to play Torchlight II yet and I love Diablo III, so I guess I am a woman from Tristram :P
    Diablo III is a lot of fun. I have a Barbarian Lvl 31 with whom I recently beat Diablo and I just started a monk (I mostly play male characters). I want to play the game with all character classes and of course I am looking forward to reaching the level cap with my Barbarian, so there is still a lot of Diablo III ahead of me. Would be awesome to play with you guys and girls from the RPGCast ^^

    Yesterday, I received Dragon's Dogma. Haven't played it yet, though.

    Btw. I think Max Payne 3 can be a pain in the *** on medium difficulty. At least for someone like me who's just really bad at aiming. Even after over 20 years of gaming :P
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    Quetions for the next pod cast:

    1- Does you guys think that angry fans of WKC2 who received the news that they won't receive more DLC or quests because they're exclusive to japan can affect the sales of Ni-ko-Nuni?

    It seems they want to boycott the game now and some claims that the DLC and quests are on the disc and that it only need to be unlocked.

    2- Should developers have the obligation to support a online game till they decide to shut down?
    The in game forum is completely unmoderated at the moment and hackers with Guild Rank 99 run rampant when maximum GR is 30.

    3- How do you think this will affect Level 5 if they decide to make another online game in the future?

    4- Do you thing WKC2 would had done better at the hand 0f other publishers?

    5- It's this lack of support common with other online games in the online community?
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    Soul Sacrifice looks pretty cool. It having online play will make it infinitely more playable where I live.
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