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Thread: South Park RPG Delayed to 2013

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    South Park RPG Delayed to 2013

    Screw you guys, I'm going to 2013.

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    I remember hearing about this. All it does is give me time to get more money.
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    Everything that I've looked forward to this year has been delayed. I'm annoyed.

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    An awful lot of games have been delayed until 2013. Looks like I'll be spending the last half of 2012 playing Dishonored and Animal Crossing. Now there's a combo!

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    There's still Proper XCOM and Metal Gear In Name Only. At least, until the latter gets delayed.

    Honestly I'm kind of glad all these games are getting delayed. Dishonoured might have an actual chance of leaving an impression now that it's not up against Bioshock 2 et al.

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