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Thread: RPGCast - Episode 224: "Who needs friends? I have Diablo 3."

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    RPGCast - Episode 224: "Who needs friends? I have Diablo 3."

    RPGCast - Episode 224: "Who needs friends? I have Diablo 3."

    Manny and Diablo 3 set their status to "It's complicated." Meanwhile, Atlus shows us how to support a game, Jon goes back to an old vice, Mikel is still playing TERA and Chris sabotages an airport.

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    Well thanks for the reply and yes what I mean by not supporting WKC2 is that they abandoned the servers so the game is full of trolls and cheaters that don't get banned. But also that we would never get more quests that provide us with something different to do. These quest provide items that we call blue items that we use to create equipment that it's not visible at the frog shop until you get them. Also these new quests that the Japanese got are more harder and challenging that those we have at the moment. Many of this quest we have but are locked away and they can only be unlocked by the server. Many times we don't have to download anything and when they are unlocked on the server they pop up in the map as soon as you load your save and access the map. The quests many people are asking for are called Avatar story quests and it adds story content to the game. It's like a side story for your created character that follows up the ending after the credits in WKC2 and use inaccessible points in your map. The funny part is that everything it's inside the WKC2 disc so how come D3 says us that Level 5 told then that content is exclusive to Japan? I know this game as a JRPG is garbage especially the story who was trash but this is the only thing close to a MORPG that people have at the moment on PS3 since FFXIV for PS3 is vaporware for now. The last quests we received was on February and consisted on Ninja gear and the Lux weapons who are blue or green weapons that are the second strongest weapons in the game. I'm not clear who is in charge of WKC2 servers... Or who have the responsibility to bring us content. Either Sony or the D3 Publisher..
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    Never buy a game published by D3 Publisher that is not WKCII. They cheated on their fans by releasing a game that they didn't support not even for a year and they released a rushed translation.

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    To answer a question from the podcast about which system you would keep...

    If I could strip out all games from my PC and still use it (because I need it for work but could care less about most games on it) I'd probably pick the Vita... I have tons of PSP RPGs left to finish, and plenty of Vita games as well. I have Disgaea 1-3 on it, and could play those for years if needed.

    Second would be the PS3, but it's short on pure RPGs. I have Disgaea 4's extra content, and 4-5 other RPGs I could go and finish, but most of what I have on it is action stuff. I'd probably trade my Slim PS3 back for my 20gig on the shelf so I could play my massive PS2 backlog too... I shelved that one because it uses 4x as much power though.

    Third would be DS or 3DS (I don't have one yet) It's almost entirely rpg or strategy, but I only have 10-12 games left for it.

    PC would be dreary, but I guess I could use it as my 4th choice if I were forced to pick the PC. I have a few rpgs, and I could play logic puzzles and strategy games forever...
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    Hey your not alone, I do love the Eragon book too, I am reading the last one right now and it's great!! The movies was very bad though...
    Always enjoy all the experience in life, you might gain a level or two.

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