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Thread: Silent Hill: Book of Memories Interview - E3 2012

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    Silent Hill: Book of Memories Interview - E3 2012

    Pyramid Head, Pyramid Head, he's gonna get you and your friends. Our brave reporter has ventured into the Konami booth anyway to learn about Silent Hill: Book of Memories.

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    It's a RPG!? Dear god, I'm going to have to get this, aren't I?
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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkRPGMaster View Post

    It's a RPG!? Dear god, I'm going to have to get this, aren't I?
    yeah that was my reaction too.

    I feel the same way about castlevania on 3ds. I am such a sucker for certain franchises, that I always end up buying hand helds just for certain games.

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    Wait... This is a RPG? When I saw this really wasn't a horror game i took it off my radar. But now that I know its a RPG, I'll keep my eye on it.
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    I'd heard this was an rpg, but it seemed like that was just based on the camera and the dungeon-crawling gameplay. This is the first time I'd had it confirmed that's there's levelling-up etc, so actually a proper RPG! I love Silent Hill, and as other people have said, it makes no sense to use monsters such as pyramid head etc who are so linked to certain characters' stories, and this is unlikely to have as good a story as the other great games in the series but that said, a randomised dungeon-crawler RPG in the Silent Hill universe??!! Sold.

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