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Thread: The Elder Scrolls Online Impression - E3 2012

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    The Elder Scrolls Online Impression - E3 2012

    RPGamers will finally have the chance to explore Tamriel with friends when The Elder Scrolls Online launches next year. In the meantime, Chloe Kung gives us her impressions of the game's E3 demonstration.

    [ Impression ]
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    And here I thought I wouldn't be interested in it. Shock and awe, I became interested.
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    Doesn't look like traditional MMO combat. I suppose that's good, but we've been promised the moon before. I'm still looking forward to exploring other provinces in Tamriel. And hey, maybe other places we never get to see in future expansions.

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    I am not enjoying the graphical design of this game, for some reason it just doesn't look gritty enough to me.

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    Needs moar splatter?


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    Quote Originally Posted by scorpio_7 View Post
    I am not enjoying the graphical design of this game, for some reason it just doesn't look gritty enough to me.
    Gritty doesn't sell in the MMO market anymore, not after so many of the korean and Chinese games
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