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Thread: Star Wars: The Old Republic Impression - E3 2012

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    Star Wars: The Old Republic Impression - E3 2012

    RPGamer's Chris Privitere got a chance to see what is on the horizon for The Old Republic. See what fans of sandpeople, uncharted worlds, and homicidal droids have to look forward to.


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    I know for me the updates have not taken this game in the direction I had hoped for it go. I ended up not playing anymore about a month ago, having completely lost interest. I hoped the Legacy update would have brought more, but it did not. Maybe in a years time there might be enough new content to bring me back to this game. Considering I am mainly a solo player, the grinding between story points was agitating (especially leveling between 30-50), and new updates focus on multiplayer, the focus is in the opposite gameplay direction than I enjoy play.

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    This game will be ftp by this time next year. Its the only way EA has a chance of breaking even on the game.

    They spent around 400 million making this game and it has been bleeding subs since its initial 1.2 million number on release.

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