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Thread: Rainslick 3 - Second Impression - E3 2012

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    Rainslick 3 - Second Impression - E3 2012

    It's time for RPGamer to return to the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness again. This time, Anna Marie Neufeld explores the weird world of Penny Arcade at E3.

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    Hidden personal relationship my butt! It was spoiled during the video you showed of it in another news article. XD
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    Ahhhh, but you have to watch the video to know that~~~~~

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    LoL, it's revealed about an hour into the game, so it wasn't a huge spoiler. I'm happy to hear about the earlier release date. I will undoubtedly have beaten it on hard by the end of the month, unless it's far longer than the previous Zeboyd games.

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