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Thread: Blades Will Be Unchained Very Soon

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    Blades Will Be Unchained Very Soon

    It's always a surprise when a company announces a release date that's only about a week away, but it's never a bad one. Some potential owners of Unchained Blades might need to wait longer than others though.

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    I plan on getting this when I get the funds eventually.
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    Not a huge dungeon crawler fan, but as I said in the Growlanser thread I will purchase, possibly day one, to help stimulate sales for the PSP. I think there are still a lot of great RPGs to be had for the PSP. I hope it does well.

    Even though I don't love crawlers, this actually looks like a pretty fun game and I am looking forward to it!

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    I plan to get this but with YS Origin and Gungnir out recently and Growlanser coming in a month it will probably be a while before I purchase.

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    3DS version will be out later, huh? I would be more miffed about this, but I have enough games on my handheld plate as it is.
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    I'm enjoying it so far. Silly voices, a sphere grid, and cute monster designs are a good start. I anticipate a lot of challenging battles as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Strawberry Eggs View Post
    3DS version will be out later, huh? I would be more miffed about this, but I have enough games on my handheld plate as it is.
    Yeah, since they are only releasing this in digital format, XSEED apparently has to wait on Nintendo to start allowing this. Looks like New Super Mario Bros 2 in Aug. will be the first game, so shouldn't be too much longer after that unless NoA bumps it back.
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