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Thread: Final Fantasy XI Expands Again

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    Final Fantasy XI Expands Again

    Square Enix is already launching a new MMORPG in August and re-launching another later in the year, so what more could the company do with MMOs? How about announcing another expansion to the long-running Final Fantasy XI?

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    *Prepares money*

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    I'm waiting for the second re-launch of Final Fantasy XIV, when they re-launch it as an expansion to Final Fantasy XI.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ocelot View Post
    I'm waiting for the second re-launch of Final Fantasy XIV, when they re-launch it as an expansion to Final Fantasy XI.
    Sadly this will never happen.

    I guess wit hteh failure of 14 they are relooking at 11 for cash.
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    This is great news and something a bit long overdue. The post-WotG add-ons were fun for their own reasons, but I missed the in-depth story expansions were providing. Since it's coming 2013 I'll have to spend some time later this year to get my character back up to par before they launch it.

    I still remember pre-release interviews saying that XIV was never meant to replace XI, and originally was designed to be connected to XI so you could use your same character and travel between the two worlds (thus the same exact race/gender choices originally... before XIV 2.0 changes that). - follow progress on the upcoming RPG series Shadowdawn on Xbox Live Indie Games and PC (and wherever else we can take it)

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    Hopefully Tanaka will either start his own studio or join one that still makes traditional turn-based RPGs.

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    When is SE going to release a traditional RPG again.
    Has there been any kind of an announcement for FF XV. How about an American release date for Versus XIII, or Type 0.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Angelonight View Post
    an American release date for Versus XIII.
    ...Well, they'd first need a Japanese release date. So far, it's verging on vaporware as far as the public's concerned.

    Now, Type 0... That boat may be sailing. We might not get the original PSP version and might have to get some kind of PSV port. Really, as far as I can tell, Type 0 is totally up in the air for international release.

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