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Thread: RPGCast - Episode 232: "Manny Come Back!"

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    RPGCast - Episode 232: "Manny Come Back!"

    RPGCast - Episode 232: "Manny Come Back!"

    Square Enix responds to a rumor. Planescape may come back to Torment us again. Pandas have a release date. But will you be most excited about the Baldur's Gate's Enhanced Edition details that have hit the web?

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    Next month is Planescape: Torment month. Just saying.

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    So you guys talked about the opening ceremony, and no mention of James Bond and the Queen? For shame!

    So, how does one proxy their way to the BBC's coverage? NBC's site is absolutely dreadful.

    Now for something game related. With SWTOR going free-to-play, what are the odds it can stand in the already crowded free to play market? How long will it take to make up it's ridiculous budget? And more importantly, are MMOs which attempt compelling single player content a fool's errand?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MasterChief View Post
    So, how does one proxy their way to the BBC's coverage? NBC's site is absolutely dreadful.
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