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Thread: Mass Effect 3 DLC and WiiU Version Info

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    Mass Effect 3 DLC and WiiU Version Info

    Want to learn more about the Reapers? Or are you curious as to how first-time players of the WiiU version of Mass Effect 3 will catch up with the story? BioWare provides answers for both these questions.

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    Can't wait for the new story based dlc for Mass Effect 3. Was getting alittle tired of just multiplayer packs. I didn't hate the original ending personally, but im anxious to experience more of Shepards story in the game.
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    Oh I've been waiting for the announcement of Leviathan. I do hope it gives some more insight on the creation of the Reapers, and if some of the Reapers themselves decided to not bother destroying the various races and whatnot, since they are "each a nation", meaning odds are there are some 'black sheep' among them that may not want to harvest organics.
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    As much as I'd like to support the WiiU version of ME3 I don't think I can. I have 1 and 2 on PC and "making key decisions" is not the same thing as having all of your previous choices matter. So when I finally finish 2 and get around to 3 I think it'll have to be for PC.
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