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Thread: Virtue's Last Reward - Special Impression - RttS 2012

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    Virtue's Last Reward - Special Impression - RttS 2012

    Although it is not an RPG, Aksys Games showed us one more title on our Run to the Sun tour. For those who enjoyed 999, you'll get a kick out of Virtue's Last Reward... or risk dying horribly.
    Special Impression

    Editor's Note: We are not covering Virtue's Last Reward as it is not an RPG. The reason this impression is being posted was because this was an additional treat by Aksys Games, and I felt it was necessary to share with you all my experience. Do not flood this thread with "this is not an RPG," please.

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    We didn't get 999, but Rising Star Gamers just announced that VLR is coming to Europe as well in November so yay.
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