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Thread: Epic Does the Impossible

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    Epic Does the Impossible

    The last year has seen a lot of highs and lows for the staff from Big Huge Games, but things are on the upswing. This upswing may be related to a little game called Infinity Blade: Dungeons.


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    Well, I thought this was going to be Chair, but I'm game for Impossible to take it over. Now can they actually convince me to buy an iPad?
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    Chair was never the dev of Infinity Blade: Dungeons, it was always the main Epic studio in North Carolina. They've just moved the development over to Impossible.

    I'm stoked. I've always been looking forward to IB: D, but now even more so. Can't wait.

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    Bah, iOS. Unless they port it, I'll never buy it.

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    Infinity Blade was a horrible game, but Infinity Blade: Dungeons actually looks interesting.

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