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Thread: RPG Backtrack: Episode 77 - Welcome to the Machine

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    RPG Backtrack: Episode 77 - Welcome to the Machine

    Not many games that are offline feature going online as a key component of their setting. One episodic series with tie-ins from other media did it regularly, though, and hooked people pretty easily.
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    Great episode guys.
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    This was an excellent episode. While I've never played any of the Dot Hack games, and I can't for the life of me remember why I never saw .hack//Sign when it was on TV, I found it fascinating that is such a huge multimedia project. Thanks for all the info on various series!

    Odd that Solatorobo was brought up. I just recently finished the game, and I learned something interesting about it and the developer CyberConnect2. What follows are massive spoilers: I read that the reference to "CyberConnect" at Futzu Tower is not to CyberConnect2 but to the company in Dot Hack. It even uses the same logo as the in-game company and seems to indicate that he information terminals were made by it. Now is it just a fun little Shout Out, or does it indicate that the Tail Concerto/Solatorobo games takes place in same universe as Dot Hack,but in the distant future? Probably the former, but it's still pretty crazy to even consider the possibility. :P
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    Oh god, .hack. I burned out on that one halfway through the third game of the original four. Which is a shame, because I really wanted to see where the plot was going.

    Thanks for cluing me in to Sword Art Online. I haven't enjoyed new anime that much in quite some time.

    On an unrelated note, are there any plans to do a show on System Shock? I think it deserves one, as it was one of the first (if not the first, and certainly one of the best early examples of) games to heavily integrate RPG elements into a shooter. Plus, SHODAN doesn't get nearly enough mention these days (For the uninitiated, SHODAN is basically GLADOS with a god complex and an army of mutants, robots, and cyborgs).
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    I have just emerged from the digital miasma of the internet to say thank you thank you thank you x 10 to the power of infinity for finally getting around to doing a Wild Arms episode! I know when I requested it months and months ago not many of the staff had actually played any of the games, so I hope you all enjoyed your time with the series. Looking forward to hearing it! I shall now sink back into the gloom.

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    Hey just saying hi and thank you for the great show it helps work go by fast. Also anyone got a extra copy of .hack// 4 sitting around for sale or trade just need that to finish my set. also more contest please

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    Hey guys on the topic of Haseo also being Sora. It's totally true.

    Think about how many people in .hack gu used to be someone else in the first version of the games.

    Yata was Wiseman
    Khun was Sieg
    Endrance was Elk

    Considering Sora was attached to Skeith before it makes perfect sense that he would go onto become the Epitaph-PC for that phase.

    The terminal disk that game with the special edition of the game pretty much spells this out
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    Just like to point out how much I hate this backtrack!

    As I buy Rebirth from ebay

    I was one of the people who ignored this as it came out at the same time as FFXII and I'd played the original .hack/sign so didn't have much hope for this one.

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