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Thread: A Dragon Fantasy Hits PS3, Vita

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    A Dragon Fantasy Hits PS3, Vita

    Get ready to rock out on PSN and Vita next year with the second book of Dragon Fantasy. Just watch out for Mr. Rock Monster while you wait.

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    It kinda looks like Chrono Trigger. Not the graphics but as if it uses the exactly same engine.

    I really like that it's coming for PSN rather than iOS.

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    Excellent news! One man's monument to himself!
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    That's pretty cool, love the PSN factor!

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    Wow, this looks fun. Looks like they're doing away with random encounters which is a huge plus.

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    So, any plans to backport the first one? I'm assuming these have some form of connected story.

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    Yeah I'd like to know that too before I get it for the iOS.

    I can't really watch movies from here, but this might contain the answer?

    Update: Watched the video: Yes, they plan to re-release the first book as well. They are getting sponsored by Sony so chances are good it comes on PSN as well.
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