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Thread: Torchlight II Will Light Up Dungeons in September

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    Torchlight II Will Light Up Dungeons in September

    Despite its more humble ambitions, Torchlight II has been delayed so much that you'd think it was a Diablo game. Despite the delays, fans of dungeon-crawling will have something less demonic to look forward to next month.


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    The delay with Torchlight II was really funny. It started with December 2011 on Amazon and then every month it was delayed one more month. I always was waiting for it just to see a few weeks before the release date that it was shifted another month back.

    Anyway, if this one doesn't have forced registration/online it'll be a sure-buy one for me.

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    Once Diablo III beat this game to launch, any delays were probably a good thing. I still think the ideal launch window would have been about a month or two before DIII's launch, but September is looking pretty good. The main competition should be Borderlands 2, which will be out 2 days before TL2.

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    Now that everybody hates Diablo III and it is pretty much known as a horrible game and even the developers fight each other, it's a pretty good time to launch Torchlight 2.

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