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Thread: Half-Minute Hero Dashes Onto PC

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    Half-Minute Hero Dashes Onto PC

    The world's most time-sensitive RPG has returned once more, and this time with a longer title than ever before. If this trend continues, it will take longer to say the title than to actually play the game.


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    Something I've been curious about with the Xbox version and this one, is it using the XSEED translation or is it a new translation?
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    Already have it for XBLA, so not really interested.
    Game is okay if you don't feel like playing something big, but not really more special than you above average puzzle game.

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    If you have any questions about this game or for Marvelous AQI directly, post them in this thread and we'll take the good ones to them for a Q&A.
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    Sweet, I don't have this on XBLA so will definitely pick it up.

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