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Thread: Nintendo eShop Soon to be Shrouded in Crimson

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    Nintendo eShop Soon to be Shrouded in Crimson

    The Japanese-only 3DS compilation game Guild 01 may not be coming here, but three of its games will soon be coming to the Nintendo eShop. For certain reasons, the RPG of the bunch, Crimson Shroud, may be of most interest to many of you.

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    Now admittedly I didn't think we would really get Guild01 over here. But it was good to hear that the e-shop would be getting Liberation Maiden (Suda51), Aero Porter (Yoot Saito) and Crimson Shroud after all...

    So which one was I most interested in?


    Why of course the forth game, Omasse's Rental Weapon Shop by Yoshiyuki Hirai (he's a comedian, maybe why it was left out). I'm not sure what genre you would call it, Comedy rhythm-alchemy shop RPG maybe?

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    I put my trust in Matsuno. Anyone else, I might not be into a game like this. I will try it out when he's involved. When I get a 3DS that is...
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    I'm curious. This would be my first download game for the 3DS.

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