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Thread: Be an Orc on Thursday

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    Be an Orc on Thursday

    Of Orcs and Men may inspire some gamers to shout, "HULK SMASH!" during battles. It's all right, we won't judge.

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    i think this game looks like it would be fun. I think it would be more fun without the forced "stealth missions" that will come from the assassin goblin. Give us an Orc and a magic power or two and let us smash some kings and goobly eyed humans in the face. Even better, give us co-op Orc badness to smush the humans.
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    It's got a shot to be a little different and that's what I'm looking forward to.

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    Eagerly awaiting this game to hit psn on tuesday. Though i'll have to see some reviews first since its $40 and they'll be no demo.
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