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Thread: Kowagari - Japandemonium for October 12, 2012

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    Kowagari - Japandemonium for October 12, 2012

    Who could be scared of a little column?

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    No! I've already platinumed Totori on the PS3! There's no way they can make me do it again! Really! Don't try it!
    ...but it's such a nice game....
    <span style=\'color:#009966\'>I miss my old prettiful sig.</span>

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    It's cold, and quiet, dark, autumn is usually my favourite time of the year but loneliness is felt more acutely which is why I read a lot of "gag-manga" I have an inexplicable craving for mochi, manju textured foods. I got a friend who is also 40 next year, we plan on celebratingby going to the ice sculpture/festival in Hokkaido around November next year and get some underground food gourmet guide to show us all the local specialities. We're both of Chinese ethinicity and hope the stupid island dispute won't affect our trip but then, we're coming from Scotland, and English is our main language. We have little to no Japanese language skills and plan on using my friend's translator app. I'm going to look out for some anime and manga related purchases but nothing on the risque side. My friend is sushi and noodle crazy, I like sushi and sashimi myself but 'm also looking for the authentic kansai three and anything that is similar to spicy tripe, slow cooked odds and ends. Nothing beats a real life adventure sometimes. I just wish we could spend longer than a week.

    P.S. I plan on bringing a bottle of awesome single malt Scotch whiskey , I don't know , it may come in handy as a goodwill gift, just my intuition.
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    Thanks for another great installment.
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