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Thread: New Persona 4: Golden Trailer

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    New Persona 4: Golden Trailer

    Persona 4 hits North America next month, and we can see the gold shining from here. Europe will have to wait just a little while longer, but everyone can enjoy this latest trailer.


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    I'm just sad that this was likely the last press release I ever get from AtlusAram.
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    I already miss him...because he was our PR AI Overlord. D:
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    Gotta say listening to that trailer with the sound of Police cars going by was pretty cool.
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    I want this so bad ._. Maybe one day I'll get a Vita... one day.

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    I loved P4 and would gladly play it again with additions. If only it were for PS2 or 3... :P I've missed out on several good games because I just can't justify buying portable devices..

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    i hope the psn version has a decent discount. i loved the ps2 version but not sure i can justify paying full $40 for a game i already beat. Especially considering how crowded the next couple weeks is with new games coming out.
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    there won't be any kind of discount on the downloadable version.

    I would consider this game but as something I already spent 200+ hours playing, not sure I would want to jump into it again in place of actual new games I own and want to play.
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