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Thread: Devil Survivor's European Invasion Delayed

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    Devil Survivor's European Invasion Delayed

    Demons hoping to join in the invasion of Europe will have a little longer to prepare. Ghostlight will instead be unleashing them to cause handheld chaos next year.

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    This is a pity. I was looking to buy 3DS and playing this during Christmas. Oh well maybe I'll get that Suda51 game and Tales of Abyss for the system.

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    Good thing you can just impOH WAIT.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drav View Post
    Good thing you can just impOH WAIT.
    FWIW, the impression I've always had from friends & colleages that work on handheld games is that Ninty came up with that by themselves and didn't even solicit any feedback from game companies whether they'd like the change or not. I have to wonder if those same companies are bitching at N when their sales reflect the change.

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    Yeah, I'm tired of waiting. With EQ IV also unlikely to see a PAL conversion, I think its time to import a US 3DS...

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