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Thread: BioWare Updates the Mass Effect Trilogy

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    BioWare Updates the Mass Effect Trilogy

    BioWare has provided an update on the upcoming Mass Effect Trilogy Edition. Check inside for new details on the PS3 release and the DLC that comes included.

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    Am I reading it correctly that the Xbox 360 version won't have any DLC included?

    If so then that version is a waste of shelfspace imo

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    I think I might buy this when it's less than $20. But probably not with the rather crappy DLC. I already have the PS3 ME2 game with all that DLC and I already have ME3 on PS3 with no DLC. So, basically, I don't want it at all unless it's super cheap and even then I'll likely pass it up in favour of other $20 games.
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    Yeah, they're totally shafting 360 owners. We've got the biggest install base so why give us any value? They would have been better off not releasing a 360 version of the trilogy at all. It would actually be cheaper to just repurchase copies of ME1 and 2. You can download ME off Live for just $15 and I see ME2's lying all over the place for as little as $5 to $20.

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    Heh, and my husband and I were just discussing how EA's pricing strategy is all wrong over tea at Tim Horton's this evening.

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