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Thread: Poll - Portable Gaming

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    Poll - Portable Gaming

    What's your preferred method of portable RPG play?
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    ...None of the above?

    I'm still using my DS Lite to play Pokemon and some GBA games.

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    None of the above. Still playing my DS and PSP for rpgs.
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    GBA, because I can play GBA games with my GameCube on a TV screen. =D

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    Of the available: Vita

    I'm still getting a lot more use out of my PSP, though. Shame my BlackMagic Intensity doesn't pick up the PSP component cable signal, can't stream PSP games using it

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    Vita, only because i never play ios games anymore and my 3DS has been collecting dust ever since i first got the Zelda Ocarina of Time bundle. Plan to use Vita more with Persona coming out.
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    All of the above. Well, at least soon, I'm getting a Vita for Christmas. But I'm constantly playing on my portable systems.

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    None of the above. I'm with the DS and PSP crowd. I have a 3DS but haven't delved into any 3DS RPGs. Are there any?
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    3DS is what I play the most right now, but I haven't been playing many 3DS games on it. Right now I've been going a bit nutty with Pokemon, but DS games have been a staple of my sleepless nights for years now and the 3DS is a shiny new way to do it. With games like Fire Emblem and Etrian Odyssey coming out early next year I'm hoping to finally get into some RPG'ing on the 3DS. Other than the 3DS my PSP has been my buddy. I have nothing for the system that isn't an RPG of some sort and all the PS1 classics at my disposal! If I could kick the Pokemon bug.....
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    Vita. I love the feel of the system, but it's a damn shame that it seems to be pretty much dead on arrival. Even if sales do pick up in Japan and it starts seeing lots of RPG releases, I feel like the chances of us getting them are pretty slim
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    Of the choices Vita, it's a pretty sweet system. I'm still using my PSP a bit more as I still have more UMD games that I've been playing recently than digital ones and I don't mind breaking it out for them though.

    Vita use is expected to pick up soon what with VLR now here and my copy of Persona 4 hopefully crossing the ocean soon
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    Quote Originally Posted by omegabyte View Post
    Vita. I love the feel of the system, but it's a damn shame that it seems to be pretty much dead on arrival. Even if sales do pick up in Japan and it starts seeing lots of RPG releases, I feel like the chances of us getting them are pretty slim
    Thankfully due to digital releases and fewer publisher options, I'd say that depending on the Japanese publisher, our chances are even higher than other systems.
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    Just like many others, still using my PSP. Borrowing a DS Lite to play Gameboy Advanced games, though. As much as I love the idea of a Disgaea 3 port with extra characters and all DLC, it'll take a lot more than that to tempt me into a Vita.

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    3DS for me. Granted, I still mostly play DS games on it, but I've picked up a few 3DS titles by now and by the time I get through my backlog of regular DS games, more 3DS games will be out.
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    None of the above at present, I'm part of the DS and now! -my shiny new PSP, but nothing on the Vita grabs me , while I WILL be picking up a 3DS for the new fire emblem. harvest moon,

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    I loooove my 3DS, especially now that all of Nintendo's games are downloadable and I got a nice big SD card.

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    definitely the Vita, 2D RPGs especially look gorgeous on that OLED screen

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    None of the above. DS.

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    Definitely Vita - it is a wonderful piece of hardware. One man's monument to himself!
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    I have Android, but I don't play games on it. I have a 3DSXL, but it's uncomfortable to use. Way too awkward and heavy. The Vita may not have quite as many native RPGs, but the convenience of loading tons of PSP, PS1 rpgs on the card, combined with the great screen, comfortable form factor and a decent number of native games makes it my choice. The native analog stick, dpad and buttons are much better than the PSP's, and much nicer than android, and iphone gaming. The $99 dev kit is also a nice bonus. It's gotten me thinking about making one of the games I've thought up over the years.

    (The library for the Vita has gotten to the point where I can afford to be choosy on it, and I can skip games like Ragnarok Odyssey...)

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