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Thread: Etrian Odyssey IV Finds a Release Date and Trailer

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    Etrian Odyssey IV Finds a Release Date and Trailer

    Even as the number in the title gets larger, the Etrian Odyssey series continues to bring interesting settings and reliable localizations. It makes one wonder if we'll see murderous sheep dancing around in an Etrian Odyssey XIII-2 someday.


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    FFXI already has murderous sheep (god I played way too much FFXI)

    Totally looking forward to EO4 though.
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    I am started on EO 1 next week to work my way up to this game..... Hopefully it will be a good time! This isn't quite the game to make me buy a 3DS but it's definitely getting me closer to purchase
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    Awesome. Totally on board for this one.
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