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Thread: Mass Effect Arrives on PSN

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    Mass Effect Arrives on PSN

    The first Mass Effect will finally be available on the PS3, so a new group of people will get to learn how to drive an unstable Mako across rugged terrain and why Wrex is the best Mass Effect character. There's something in there about Reapers and Geth, too, but nobody cares about them.


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    Thumbs up for the Wrex comment. I'm glad PS3 owners can finally experience the series from the beginning. Now to wait for the constant complaints due to unforeseen bugs. XD
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    Thanks for the reminder. I can't believe it's December already. As a PS3 owner, I'm finally looking forward to experiencing the start of the series, and maybe replay the other two entries while I'm at it

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    i'm curious to get this, but i read a tweet by an editor on ign that he was experiencing texture pop ins and dropped framerates. i'll wait alittle while to hear more opinions on the psn version before i get it.
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    So. Excited. The original had horrible texture pop-ins and framerates. Still my favourite one.
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    Uh oh, better get Mako! :P

    I had a choppy experience with the first ME on my PC and would be willing to play a smoother-moving version on my PS3.

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