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Thread: The Secret World Goes Buy-To-Play

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    The Secret World Goes Buy-To-Play

    Being a member of the Illuminati no longer requires you to pay your dues monthly. However, they do still insist that the chip in your spine has to stay, for security reasons.


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    I already bought it yesterday. :-)

    Too bad the original author dropped the work on the game (he always only had 5 issues planned and for him the project is finished after that).

    The setting is so amazing, for those who aren't convinced, here is a screenshot:

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    This news is ironic, funny, and awesome all at the same time. From my understanding from various interviews with the developers, they were adamant that this would not be happening any time soon.

    It is awesome for me as no subscription would be the only way I would return to the secret world which I did enjoy when I bought it in August. So I will happily return and using a purchase-dlc motto will probably bring them more success, as I have no issue with buying dlc.

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    I bought it as well due to this change, I know I'll get $30 of fun out of it. I remember enjoying the beta immensely, and made it to the first dungeon last night. What a blast! Fast paced, interesting encounters, and no big penalties for failure. Looking forward to playing more of it with a friend on Tuesday.

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    Quote Originally Posted by scorpio_7 View Post
    This news is ironic, funny, and awesome all at the same time. From my understanding from various interviews with the developers, they were adamant that this would not be happening any time soon.
    Well to be fair they said they will not go F2P and they didn't. And they are still very convinced that they will never go F2P, here an extract from an interview:
    IGN: Why use a one-time purchase pricing model (like Guild Wars 2) instead of a free to download and play model (like the one SWTOR recently switched to)?

    Joel Bylos: I think that free-to-play brings with it a level of compromise that I am unwilling to accept, in terms of monetizing your customers.
    Buy-to-play has been a huge success for ArenaNet (in both Guild Wars games) and I think the DLC model from single player franchises like Fallout: New Vegas and Borderlands is a great direction for the MMO genre to go in general.
    But why Buy-to-Play for The Secret World?
    Firstly, selling the box helps to keep undesirable elements such as gold farmers, spammers and trolls out of our community.
    Secondly I have absolutely no wish to have “second class” citizens in The Secret World. Some free-to-play games often place such heavy restrictions on the free players that it diminishes the experience. And while there certainly are ways to do F2P well – I mean, we’ve done that with both Age of Conan and Anarchy Online – we believe buy-to-play is what’s best for The Secret World right now.

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    I'm not convinced by it. I certainly will not be touching this game.

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    I haven't had the time to play much lately, but what I've seen of the game is fantastic. With my limited time, I would have cancelled my subscription to any other MMO, but this one was worth keeping just to play here and there. It's the kind of MMO I'd expect from the guy behind The Longest Journey games.

    Too bad Tornquist dropped out, but at least that means we're going to get another Longest Journey game.

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    Well I played it all night yesterday. Definately worth the money. All the quests are so much more interesting than any of your normal MMORPG quests. You even have to avoid death traps.
    My main issue is that it doesn't really run properly on my computer. It keeps telling me that I should install Windows 7 64bit for full quality. I still have a 32bit OS so I have some trouble with the performance (only like 10-15 FPS, when I rotate the camera more like 1 FPS).

    Also I wished the game was designed more around single player. I can only handle monsters 1vs1 so if I aggro two my death is sure. And those monster don't just give up on killing you, they follow you until you are dead or managed to climb something they can't reach. ^^;
    Wish I had around double the strength to be able to handle multiple monsters at once. Don't really feel like partying up with strangers.

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