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Thread: Two More Final Fantasy XIV Alpha Videos

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    Two More Final Fantasy XIV Alpha Videos

    Square Enix has released videos number five and six from A Realm Reborn's alpha version. We return to a familiar area of woodland to get a look at questing and crafting.

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    Looks great! I'm excited. It seems to be designed to be very much mechanically like other MMO's which makes me happy. I always felt that I'd like an MMO based in the FF world with similar mechanics to WoW. I like how you gain experience in that second video when you hit the tree to get the wood. I'm excited for this. I have high hopes.
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    Battle's look sweet, and the crafting looks great too. If this holds up on console I will be disappearing from the "real" world for a few months I love the little details. They remind me of FFXII
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    Couple of info bits:
    Regarding the global cool-down in the battle, it is longer than some would like. The system itself is built in such a way that crucial abilities not connected to the cool-down are learned throughout (recast time type things). So the theory is that a competent player will not only be using global related abilities. Therefore, you are not 'waiting' for the cool-down so you can take your next action, you'll be using an ability that is not on the cool-down. That's all i know... but it should be clearer when the beta gets going.

    Regarding the 'questing monotony' argument. It's best to think of it as just ONE content option. SE intends to create and release hundreds/thousands of these basic type quests. I think this is great simply to have personally. As a player though, this is by no means the sole method of gaining levels. The 'live event' system seen in Guild Wars 2 will be implemented, so you can just as well join these fights instead. ... Or go build your house? Raise a chocobo? etc etc.

    Still, it'll be relieving to finally see the Beta stage begin in a couple/few weeks. I'm eager not only to play the game, but to see many of these additional content types in action. The alpha build is a branch in development from back in August/September.

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    I want to hate it (hate MMOs) but they are making it really hard for me. I'll probably try it out just to say I did it, if the price is right.
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    In the first video, at 3:10, he gives the "moist depression" some ale and then starts stabbing things with his "spear".

    Sounds like my kind of night, amirite fellas??????!!!!!!!!

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    Haha, rape. You sly dog.

    This still looks like the most boring game ever made. I'm trying to think of another game where they showed off the herb gathering.
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