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Thread: Blades to be Unchained on the 3DS

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    Blades to be Unchained on the 3DS

    Going through those awkward teenage years was bad enough the first time. Poor Fang will have to do it yet again when Unchained Blades hits the Nintendo eShop next month.

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    Now we just need the PSP version to be compatible for Vita. Cause I'd really rather have it there since memory will be less of a problem.

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    I'm pretty sure the PSP version is compatible with the Vita, since I've been playing it on my Vita... although my Vita has by far the lowest amount of memory available compared with my 3DS or PSP.

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    Huh, thought for sure it wasn't listed as Vita compatible on PSN, I'll have to check that out later.

    edit: Aww I see now I can't rely on PSN(on PS3) to tell me if a game is for the Vita or not. They have a lot only listed as PSP compatible when they can be played on the Vita for some reason.
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    It did take a few months for the game to show up as Vita compatible, wasn't ready right at launch.

    Either way, I had a ton of fun with this game and would be willing to answer any questions anyone might have about it
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