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Thread: RPGCast - Episode 250: "Feedback Festivus"

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    RPGCast - Episode 250: "Feedback Festivus"

    RPGCast - Episode 250: "Feedback Festivus"

    In this very special episode of the RPGCast, there's a Christmas miracle! That's right, we come up with a useful idea for the Wii U gamepad. Square Enix also shows it can get into the holiday spirit and charge a reasonable amount for a game. We'll see you next year!

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    Hi Manny, people do play to escape when they're having a bad time in real life. But think in this case, it's about Immersion. It's fun to get so into a game for instance Skyrim that you almost lose yourself in the whole process of it before you even realise it.I've had that with wow WoW and Secret of Mana, and countless other games, generally I got to admit, more likely to be a sandboxy rpg where ou can explore.

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    Escapism doesn't necessarily mean you prefer games to life. For me it's like going on holiday. I love my life, would rather spend time with my wife/kids and only get to play games for an hour or two per week tops, which is fine by me, but when I DO play (or read a novel or whatever) then give me an immersive world, good stories and let the good times roll.

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    When are u goin to have your GOTY podcast this year I completly missed it last year
    I wouldn't even bother to Eat that coz your already dead

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    In the interest of making sure there is feedback for the podcast, here's another little thing I've come to think about since becoming an RPGamer fan. You guys often talk about pacing. I've never even thought about it until coming to this site. You say that the gameplay segments and cutscenes should be distributed evenly throughout the game and seem to frown upon the Xenosaga style 2-hour long dungeons followed by 40 minutes of cutscenes. I actually prefer having playable and nonplayable segments in big blocks because then I know when I need to play and when I can just relax. Metal Gear Solid Peacewalker had QTEs in the cutscenes and they just annoyed me. Can you give me an example of a game you thought had particularly good or bad pacing and why you think so?

    PS: I was totally stoked to here about how Chris got into podcasting and that you're planning to continue doing it. This is still my favorite podcast.

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    Oh, and Chris? Playing with one person playing in a different control manner from others is asynchronous. It's basically the inverse of Pac-Man VS. Basically it's one player (or set of players) having a different set of rules from another player or set of players. See also Left 4 Dead multiplayer, where one side plays the survivors and another plays the zombies.

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