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Thread: Applications Open for A Realm Reborn Open Beta Test

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    Applications Open for A Realm Reborn Open Beta Test

    You know what's better than Bahamut nuking everything from the skies? Hordes of Chocobos, that's what. Have a look at the new opening for FFXIV here. Also something about a beta test.


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    Every time I see a new trailer for XIV I silently wish that at the end there will be some sort of disclaimer saying "Hey we're just kidding, this is no longer an MMO but a full length game"
    The trailer looks gorgeous though.
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    and there's hot guys. let's not forget the hot guys.

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    Looks really nice, but I don't think it will be enough to get me back under a subscription basis.

    If they go to a buy-to-play model similiar to Guild Wars then I will give it a shot at retail price.... otherwise, I'm out.

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    I'm hugely excited to play this game...
    but i keep thinking, with over 300 employees dedicated to developing it,
    who's left in the company to work on their other projects?

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    It's nice to see they were willing to go back and rebuild the game for the sake of saving face, but they probably would have been better off committing those resources to a brand new or fan service project. Heck, I know I would have been more impressed with a "here's a game we know our fans want, so we'll give it to you as a way of saying 'Sorry'" type of game. At this point, I think the majority of FF14 players will think of it as "that crappy online FF game" and any talk of Square reviving it won't change their minds because they've already moved on. Disappointment is an awfully good demotivator.

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    Signed up, I'd love to take part in this and compare it to my beta experience for the original launch of the game. I'd love to see the UI changes be to my liking, as that's what has kept me from diving heavily into FFXI. That and due to a resolution to not buy any games this year, it's my only chance to try it out for the next twelve months :P (My backlog is the stuff of legends. This year's goal is to change that!).

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    Ha, my backlog piles eat legendary backlogs for breakfast. Wait, that was plural. Oh crap, it's reproducing!

    But yeah, they'd have to completely redo the UI to even get me to play more than a session of the beta. I dropped FFXI like a rock due to its entirely inferior interface, even when compared to much older MMORPGs I had played.

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    Well signed up myself. I want to see how it compares to FFXI (which I never could get into) or if it can keep my interest at all (Last square game to do that for me was Nier). I been losing confident in Square Enix but do find it admirable how they're trying to fix their mistake with the fiasco of what FFXIV was. The least I can do is to give them a chance with this new game, I suppose...

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    You're in luck watcher. They completely re-did the UI. 100% rebuilt for PC and PS3 for that matter. (2 new UIs). A a Legacy member who is guaranteed Beta access, I can't wait for this.
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