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Thread: Lazarus Rising - Currents

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    Lazarus Rising - Currents

    With the torch being passed from Emanuel Merino to Trent Seely, RPGamer's Currents is back with a vengeance! In this issue, we tackle gaming resolutions for the new year, CES 2013, and a PS Vita game that letís you stroke a womanís leg.

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    3DS has sold >8M to US consumers. That is not too bad. But NDS sold 70% more units to US customers than to Japan customers, so it's not good either - it means 3DS is gaining significantly less US traction than its predecessor.

    Maybe SteamBox is a software package hardware makers can license, like Red Hat Linux.
    Maybe SteamBox is a certification program, like Intel Centrino or Intel Ultrabook.
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    We'll likely see a surge of 3DS sales come October, though with the current trend going more towards mobile gaming, it may never each the level its predecessor did. They're not bad sales, but it's certinaly a sign of the times.

    As for my gaming resolution, it's too play more games on consoles. I love my handhelds, but I have a number of console games I started by didn't finish. I suppose I could try playing more PC games again, but that failed miserably last year.
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    My resolutions are as follows:

    Finish 25 games
    Finish my PS2 backlog (1 remaining game)
    Finish Gamecube backlog ( 2 games)
    Finish 5 2013 RPG's


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