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Thread: Delve Into the War Logs of Mars

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    Delve Into the War Logs of Mars

    RPGamers bored of the Blue Planet will be able to take a trip to join the colonists of the Red Planet later this year. The logs indicate things over there may not currently be as rosy as hoped, however.

    [ Story ]
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    Oh hey, it's this thing. I kind of assumed it was vapourware.

    Then again I assumed the same thing about Deus Ex 3 so maybe I am not a great judge of these thing.

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    I may have to try this when it comes out.
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    I was wondering what happened to this. It will be easier to get now that's it's digital only. It's no longer worth the trouble getting my hands on sub-tier RPGs like this and Orcs and Men, Risen, Arcania, etc.

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    I'll probably end up playing this sometime in the future.

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    Awesome. I am loving this trend of seeing more RPG that are not fantasy-oriented but moving to other type of themes.

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    I dig the aesthetic, but you'd think that something coming out in the next few months would have actual gameplay in its trailer, you know? Does it play like Diablo? Mass Effect? Final Fantasy? Something else? I can't get too excited about this until I know what it's actually going to be like.

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    The website has more information. It sounds like they've dramatically scaled down the scope from its original inception in order to create a short, download-only RPG like Faery.

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