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Thread: 2012 Gaming Testimonials -- Feature

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    2012 Gaming Testimonials -- Feature

    It's a new year with new goals, but before we break the resolutions, let's take a look at how the last year has been to us. Experiences were gained, quests were conquered, but unfortunately real life won't let one re-spec if there's a mistake in skill point allotment.

    Let's start the year on a high note, shall we?

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    The highlight of the year for me was discovering Persona 4 in spring, and with it the rest of the SMT series, wich I've come to love alot. Have played through P4, P3, P2IS, the DDS-games and have gotten pretty far in both Nocturne, Raidou Kuzunoha vs king abbaddon and P2EP this year. Kind of a revival of my interest in the jrpg genre also came with it, so I've spent the year mostly playing through older games.
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    Bought myself a copy of Xenoblade Chronicles before it sold out for my holiday present to myself and have been putting time into it ever since. I also introduced myself to the Ys and Growlanser series this last year and have since played through a few games in each series.

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    2012 was the first year I played some 3D action RPGs and I found out that I'm not terrible at them. I have a lot to improve on but at least I got to play/beat NieR, which was a wonderful experience for me.

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