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Thread: Santa Skyrim Brings Belated DLC Delivery

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    Santa Skyrim Brings Belated DLC Delivery

    Patience is certainly a virtue for PlayStation 3 owners, who will finally have the opportunity to purchase all Skyrim DLC next month. There's even a discount involved to sweeten the pot.

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    Nice. This coincides with my recent re-interest in this game. Unfortunately, it also conflicts with my current lack of time

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    Originally bought Skyrim on PS3, and after that experience, I refuse to support anymore of their products on PS3. I love their games, but that is a huge mistake that I wont make again.

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    I agree with Typho. I plan on getting a copy of Skyrim when it is released with all DLC on sale on Steam. The piss poor handling of the PS3 has gotten me to abandon their efforts on the console. I can't help but wonder what system I will play the next Elder Scrolls game on.
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    I don't think it really makes a difference what platform you play the game on. Every version is unstable in some way; however, if you like the idea of wearing chickens as hats and flying through the air, then you may enjoy the mod community on the PC. As for me, I'll never buy any ES game day 1 ever again.

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    The fact that they're still not giving concrete dates for the PS3 DLC, and say "should be available"..... does not inspire confidence.

    (I'm on PC, for the record)

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    This took way too long. I've already traded the game in and moved on. I'm actually hesitant to get Fallout 4 day 1 on PS3 now (don't have 360 and not interested in PC gaming). Bethesda just doesn't seem to have a clue how to work with this console.
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