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Thread: Get a Taste of Ragnarok Before It Strikes Europe

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    Get a Taste of Ragnarok Before It Strikes Europe

    There is more than one Odyssey that released a demo today, though no one was looking forward to poor Ragnarok Odyssey's. It's hard to anticipate something you didn't know was coming, after all.

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    That and it's been out in America for a while. And the Vita has no region lock. And it wasn't that great, apparently.

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    God, i really wish we had received a demo of the game before its release. It would have saved me the $40 i'll never get back from buying the Digital version on release day. They game has no story whatsoever and the lack of a experience points system makes enemies too difficult in mid to late chapters. I also hate having to grind for better cards since they are completely random.
    I really hope Soul Sacrifice has a demo because this game has really burned me on buying action rpgs on Vita right away.
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