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Thread: Beta Impression - Neverwinter

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    Beta Impression - Neverwinter

    RPGamer's Ken Staples recently had the opportunity to participate in a press session for the upcoming Neverwinter MMORPG. Read on for his impressions and some images from the game.

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    Personally I have not been impressed by what I have seen. On a positive note it will be free to try out and then micro-transactions if I want to get more into it.

    I do think Elder Scrolls Online will squash this though.

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    Hmmm, I was hoping it would be like DDO, but from the impressions it seems it's not about clearing dungeons in cooperation DnD-style with an awesome gamemaster narrator talking.

    My tendency still goes to Wizardry Online I guess.

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    I watched an hour long video of the beta, and it actually looks like fun to me, when originally I wasn't interested. The trailers for it haven't done a good job of showing off the combat, which requires a lot more positioning and movement than a typical WoW style mmo. If they deliver well on the Foundry, which is how players create custom content, I could see the game being a lot of fun.

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    I'm really interested to see how the Foundry feature turns out. This would be the closest thing to a DM feature out of any MMO. Combat definitely does require coordination, especially if you want to keep weaker characters out of harms way or in sweet spots. It doesn't currently look or play like the most highly polished MMO out there, but it looks great for a "free" one that I'll be sure to mess around with later.

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