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Thread: Growlanser IV and Gungnir Sneak into Europe

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    Growlanser IV and Gungnir Sneak into Europe

    Two colorful RPGs have snuck their way into Europe without any fanfare. One can only hope that they are invited warmly, rather than held up at customs and interrogated about Atlus's motivations in sending them there.


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    In a rather unexpected turn of events...
    What the hell? I pretty much knew from the start I would be the only one in my country who would actually know/like and buy this games and got trough that cumbersome pain to aquire US PSN $$ to buy this games and support Atlus and the Niche-Games and now I get them over here?

    Urge to vote with my wallet fighting my inherent stinginess (sp?)....

    Why Atlus? Why now? Why with niche games I hold dear? If this experiment fails (monetary wise) will you again hand us Euro-(S)RPGamers the short stick for years to come?


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    It'll turn out to be cheaper buying it off the US PSN store anyways.
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    It'll turn out to be cheaper buying it off the US PSN store anyways
    I already have them on my US-PSN Account. I am torn over the fact that I should (and would) have bought it in the EU to a) support the move and b) make a statement with my wallet(a small one).

    Most companies do think small niche games are not worth the trouble to bring to the US....even less think about the every purchase over here counts.
    If every EU one gives in and buys US-Version....we loose maybe double.... maybe the US sale figures meet not the expectations for the US market (even including foreign purchases), and if someone takes it to the EC half a year later the sales figures will not be met the expectations over here not bother releasing either there nor here...

    Valkyria Chonicles 3, Yakuza Panther 1+2, Blaze Union, Gloria Union, Summon Night DS, Luminous Arc 3, Fire Emblem 12, Ace Attorney Investigations 2 and R-Type Tactics 2 come to mind. (handheld-wise)

    There is also a reason I am baffled and overjoyed by the succes of Operation Rainfall. I am part happy for my US bethren to get this truly great games....and part sad that something like this seems to never happen the other way round...
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    The timing seems weird, I'm checking reviews and youtube videos to see what these both play like, but it's a week before Persona 4 Golden.

    edit: I didn't just buy both, honest
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