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Thread: RPGCast - Episode 255: "Ear of Luigi"

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    RPGCast - Episode 255: "Ear of Luigi"

    RPGCast - Episode 255: "Ear of Luigi"

    Today Anna talks about her maple addiction and gets counseling to break the cycle. Meanwhile Manny gets the help he needs to conquer his fears and step into Walmart again. Finally, Jon comes to grips with the reality that he's addicted to gundam-themed children's vitamins. Dr. Chris guests on this very special episode of RPGCast.

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    Great cast! It goes to show how feedback can make or break an episode. Discussion was really lively this time around, and the feedback section did a lot to contribute to that.

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    I agree with ChaosDrone and now feel guilty for not participating again. Time to rectify the situation.

    First off, "I definitely have 'meat' in one hand." Chris said that. Secondly, I have used RPG Maker VX Ace and I think it is an amazing tool. If you know how to program in Ruby, you can do pretty much anything. I do not know how to program but I put in the time to learn all about the event system and have been working on a cheap yet fun game and I am becoming quite satisfied with the result. I think the most popular RPG Maker game is To The Moon. So, you could see what is possible with it by checking out that game. To sum up, if you have a musician, an artist, and a vision, you could make a AAA game. That is my opinion. If you need tutorials, check out

    I think ther are many aspects of White Knight Chronicles 2 that are far better than mediocre. The music is excellent. The environments are beautiful and broad. The balance of the system is flawless. No spikes, with plenty of challenge.

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