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Thread: Scarlet Blade Event Impression

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    Scarlet Blade Event Impression

    RPGamer was recently invited to get a first look at Scarlet Blade, an upcoming Free-to-Play MMORPG. So, what exactly sets this MMO apart from the rest? Sexy ladies. Lots and lots of sexy ladies.

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    And people thought Blade & Soul (Or TERA Online) were bad.

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    I don't mind hot females in games at all.
    But, MMO's and PvP just isn't my thing.

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    It looks so plastic...

    Honestly, I welcome scantily clad women in video games (oh TERA... and don't think I've forgotten about you WoW night elves! And who can forget Lara Croft?!), but at least remember the gameplay (the Force is not with you SWTOR... although your writing is great). The game isn't even out yet, but they're already lining up bikini armor/clothes?

    we were thrown in with such high level classes with so many skills and abilities it was a bit hard to get your head around it all.
    Thats not a good sign.

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    Well the whole MMORPG is advertised as "Only for adults". It really hasn't much special to it other than only being able to play half-naked hot looking women with huge boobs. The ingame graphics aren't even that hot.

    But I really like their art style in the advertisements, for example this one:

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    How..... subtle.

    The game has a large PvP focus
    ...ew. :/

    Sorry, even gratuitous sexy babes isn't enough to get me to go there.

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    Its pretty sad that this is the project that this is what Aeria Games is putting "all its money and muscle" behind. I mostly just hope it fails for the industries sake. Or the next batch of Free to Play's might all be soft-core porn projects...
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