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Thread: Interview - Dragon Fantasy Book II

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    Interview - Dragon Fantasy Book II

    Dragon Fantasy Book II is on the way to PlayStation 3 and Vita, but before that the original is being remade as well. We were able to chat with Muteki's creative director Adam Rippon about both projects.

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    AR: Honestly, some guy commented on the PSN launch blog that we did (which was a great success despite being rushed and riddled with typos and bad grammar) and said he wouldn't play it if he couldn't play the first game on PSN too. So we figured, what the heck, it's the same engine, let's do a special edition!
    Thank you, some guy.

    That multiplayer features sounds super awesome! Never heard of anything like that before. You can bring one character from your party into some other guy's game and even do you own battles rather than going with him? =o

    There are some slight spoilers in that interview. =(

    So the first game is already available on PC? Totally didn't know that either! But I'll wait for the remake. Wonder when "soon" is.

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    I was wondering since its a PSN title is it via PS3/PSP Vita ONLY or can I use the non Vita PSP to still play it via PSN.

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    It's a PS3/Vita game. Not PSP.
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    But the 2 games are going to be PS3/Vita games via PSN which is why I wasn't sure if you can still play it via PSN ON normal PSP only as well.

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    For the same reason you can't play a PS3 game on a PS2. It's not made for PSP.

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    I wonder what it will cost on the PSN?

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    Looking forward to this, will definitely be buying it. Does anyone know if it is crossbuy or just crossplay?

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