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Thread: Game Over, Man! Game Over! - Currents

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    Game Over, Man! Game Over! - Currents

    A new month is upon us, as is a new Currents. In this issue, Gearbox disappoints with the controversial Aliens: Colonial Marines, Sony finally sells some PS Vitas, developers lose interest in consoles, and Trent is pumped for PAX East.

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    Regarding Aliens...

    Meh. It would have been a forgettable also-ran FPS, whether it came out sooner or later, better or worse. From what I've seen, the core elements would have been crappy no matter how shiny everything else was. There are buggy, crappy looking games that still play great and end up being ultra successful (Minecraft, anyone?), so all this finger pointing is just silly. And Sega has such a grand history of making dumb development and marketing decisions I can't rest this whole thing on Gearbox's shoulders. Law of averages pretty much demand Sega must have screwed up somewhere.

    Gearbox was smart to put their chips on Borderlands instead. I imagine Randy was getting pressure from Sega to push Aliens.

    Regarding developers moving away from consoles...

    Just because the other platforms are easier to develop for doesn't necessarily mean they will get the best games.
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    Aliens: was somewhat looking forward to it, but my policy of almost never buying games until they hit the $20 point has the added advantage of being able to see how much love/hate the games get first. The entire situation is unfortunate, but I think the big take-away for me is that Gearbox isn't a company with a positive name brand for me. Although I like seeing Randy talk.

    Vita: I'm not interested in one until there is both a significant price drop on both the hardware and the memory cards and enough software to warrant getting one. Currently loving my 3DS XL. As a side-note, I heard a rumor that it might be cheaper to import a Japanese Vita than it is to buy one new in the US. Anyone who imports regularly done the math on it?

    Indie: I'm not really surprised. The indies on consoles seemed like a worthwhile experiment, but the major players just didn't follow through. The anecdotal evidence sounds like its better to skip the consoles and go for PC & iOS. At least until Microsoft/Sony/Nintendo decide to actually support Indie development.

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    Good to see you getting along with the kids, even if they do use you as a pillow. (You were also looking a bit hairy there... did you forget to shave?)

    I looked it up and that really is Yoshi! I thought it was just going to be a vague doppelgänger, but it's a pretty accurate copy.

    It's difficult to imagine there could be places where people have the technology/etc to make games, but not recognize famous video game characters. (Assuming we gave them the benefit of the doubt. I guess that is being a little too naive though.)

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