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Thread: RPG Backtrack: Episode 88 - Go to Hfil

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    RPG Backtrack: Episode 88 - Go to Hfil

    Once upon a time, Akira Toriyama created a long-running series that has lasted in the public consciousness far longer than its contemporaries. Given that it involves people increasing in strength to a seemingly unreachable zenith, a few RPGs have surfaced over the years dealing with it.
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    Love you, too, Sam!

    I watched several episdoes of Dragon Ball Z, but I came to dislike it, and with it most shonen anime. Kudos for making this an entertaining listen nonetheless.

    Also Stocke from Radiant Historia is certainly not 30. He is a tad older than the average JRPG protagonist though: 19. :P
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    I was disappointed that you didn't cover Legendary Super Warriors on GBC. That game was pretty great and covers the entirety of DBZ (Raditz->Kid Buu). I guess the site hasn't covered that game, but it was an RPG and is pretty dang good.
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