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Thread: PAX East Feature - Random aka Mega Ran Interview

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    PAX East Feature - Random aka Mega Ran Interview

    What do you get when you cross an unpredictable rapper with the blue bomber? Random aka Mega Ran. We had the opportunity to catch up with this Nerdcore superstar at PAX East this year, and he is just as cool in person as he sounds in his tracks.

    PAX East Interview
    "To tell you the truth, I like drinking tea and eating fresh vegetables, but that doesn't fit with my super-cool attitude. I guess I have to accept this about myself."

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    Cool interview, Trent! Nerdcore isn't something I'm terribly familiar with, so it was educational for me.

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    This interview is VERY relevant and inspirational to me because what he does is not terribly different from what I want to do. Thank you. I had recently applied for a job as a guitar teacher at a local music shop here in Japan. RIGHT before sitting down to read this interview, I got a letter from the music store rejecting my application. I do not know the reason why I was not accepted but I was quite sad about it at first. After a couple of hours, this failure had only made me even more determined to become a musician. Then I read the interview and was impressed and inspired.

    Thank you very much.

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