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Thread: PAX East Impression - The Elder Scrolls Online

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    PAX East Impression - The Elder Scrolls Online

    The Elder Scrolls Online marks a highly anticipated return to the lands of Tamriel, but this time you can bring your friends along for the ride. ZeniMax Online gave us an opportunity to get acquainted to the franchise's first MMORPG at PAX East this year.

    PAX East Impression
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    Trent, as a warning...depending on whether they want this to feel like a casual or hardcore experience, they may not give much of a death penalty at all. If they go casual, it could be like Guild Wars 2, where the most that happens is your armor gets damaged and lowers defense slightly, so you find a repair NPC to pay cash to in order to repair it (minimal cash, btw, which can be gotten back fairly easily). If they go hardcore however, it could be as damaging as one of the skills (I mean stuff like heavy armor, sneaking, one-hand, etc) losing a level. Depending on their thoughts on how they want this, it could be either side or anywhere inbetween.
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    It's probably going to be just as crap as any other MMORPG... I still don't understand why they still even call them MMORPG's, seeing as pretty much nobody actually plays a role... They should call it something like Massive Multiplayer Avatar Playing Game set in a Fantasy World or something... MMAPGFW, has a nice ring to it.

    Elder Scrolls is going to be populated by exactly the same types of players, paying absolutely no heed to the game world their characters are supposed to be in.

    Am I bitter? You bet.

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    I don't like factions in MMOs, but otherwise everything you said sounds great. I'm a little worried their design decisions will ruffle too many feathers. Too much potential for imbalances and massive redesigns. Every MMO I've played so far always settles into a game that is either run by a select group of elitists that force you to use "The Build" or is so heavily streamlined it becomes nearly thoughtless. Both sides agree these games should feature the now boring and tiresome "tank, dps, healer" mechanic that makes every RPG play the same way. An actual free-leveling system with true real-time combat basically spits in the face of all that.

    Not that I care what the whiners think. Just saying there is a good chance the crying will be epic.

    I still don't understand why they still even call them MMORPG's, seeing as pretty much nobody actually plays a role
    Tank, DPS, healer, and sometimes hybrid-back up role depending on the game. And some games actually have servers dedicated to role-playing and lore-hounds. While most people don't care about any of that, it really doesn't take much effort to find a guild that does care.
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    I just want to be an Orc who wields a two handed axe, is a back up archer and practices restoration and enchanting magic. He would also be a smith and a pretty terrible alchemist but would still do it as a pass time. That's pretty much what I did in Skyrim and I would do it again if I could also play with other people.

    If they can manage to make a game I find fun, a world I enjoy exploring, playing with other people that doesn't involve grinding the same dungeons over and over until you get the right equipment to move to the next one or being forced to have a character build that's min-maxed, and playing against other people that doesn't involve running/jumping in a circle or attacking people/NPCs that are super weak and ruin the questing/exploration of people who want nothing to do with PVP.....If they can manage that, I will totally play.

    Nobody manages that. At least not as of right now.
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    I have extremely mixed feelings about this game. I'm 164 months clean of EverCrack, and abstain from all MMO games since. However TES is by far one of my favorite single player series. And the series is great for single player. Bethesda used to say they'd never add an online component to the game, but I feel like they've bent to the cries of the noobs that came to the series with TES 3-5. A morbid part of me wants to play this game, but I've never felt that TES would work as an MMO, or with any multiplayer.


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