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Thread: PAX East Interview - Neverwinter

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    PAX East Interview - Neverwinter

    Neverwinter began as a co-op RPG, but has evolved into a Free-to-Play MMORPG since its publisher changed hands. How's it shaping up since the transition? We got some new info at PAX East.

    PAX East Interview
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    I got to play a bunch during the third beta weekend, and highly enjoyed it. Played mainly as a Great Weapon Fighter, and a bit as a Trickster Rogue. The combat felt great and never got dull for me, they did a wonderful job converting 4th edition D&D into an MMO.

    I also got to try out some of the player created content in the Foundry, and it was leaps and bounds above what you could make in Cryptic's other games, there was a huge amount of content that was obviously customized by the person who made it. I especially like that you can link several dungeons or areas together to form your own campaign that people can play through!

    The companion system reminded me of how the companions in SWTOR function combat-wise, but without the story telling elements.

    I didn't run into any obvious bugs during about 7 hours of play, it felt highly polished. The servers held up wonderfully during their "Crash Our Servers" event, which was pretty impressive!

    The only thing I didn't get to see, besides high level content, was how the crafting in it functioned, but the harvesting nodes were in. It's kind of neat that they are linked to what sort of class you are, and that you also can find hidden side areas and such with the same skills. From what I could tell you are able to gather any supplies you need for crafting from any of the different types of harvesting nodes, so you aren't forced by your class into any specific crafting professions.

    Overall I'm highly impressed with it, and am looking forward to playing it more.

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